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Engage Post Office Payments are here!

Engage Post Office

We are delighted to announce that you can now use your Engage card to deposit or withdraw cash at your local Post Office branch.

This exciting new development will help thousands of Credit union members across the UK, especially those require access to cash services but find it difficult to visit their Credit Union.

To deposit cash into your Engage account, simply take your debit card and funds into any one of over 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide. Once deposited, your money is instantly available to spend via your Engage debit card, or available within your account to pay your household bills.

You can also withdraw cash from within your local Post Office branch by using your Engage debit card.

Information regarding fees can be found here.


Information regarding the new service fees can be found below:

  • Cash Withdrawal at a Post Office is charged at £0.50 with a Maximum withdrawal of £250.
  • Account Loading at the Post Office is charged at £1.00 +1% of the load value. The maximum you can load is £250 in coin and £2,500 in coin and notes. Subject to account conditions.
  • Balance enquiry at a Post Office is charged at 20p. Please note that balance enquiries are always free through your mobile app or by logging into your account online.

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