Debt Management Advice

Debt Management Advice


The current cost of living crisis, along with the lasting effects of the pandemic, means that more and more people are having problems with debt.

So, if you’re struggling with your finances, you’re certainly not alone. And there are steps you can take to resolve things. But you should take them now, as the earlier you get to grips with them, the easier they are to deal with.

One of the first things you can do to get your finances under control is to make use of some of the money tools and calculators now available online. These will help you quickly work out the figures you need for some of the most common money problems.

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Money Management Advice

Money Management Advice


As a credit union, it’s our aim to make people realise the many benefits of good money and give them the confidence to tackle their finances with complete confidence.

If you’re looking to use your financial resources wisely and get a real grip on money matters, there are a number of useful tools and calculators available online. These can help quickly work out the figures you need for some of the most common of life’s money situations.

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Gambling Support


Do you feel worried or affected by your own gambling or the gambling of a loved one?

Please know that there is help and support available.


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Cost of living house and piggybank

Help with the Cost of Living


The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the mental health and wellbeing of people across the globe. But as we return to the lives we had pre-Covid, we are being gripped by an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis.


Cost of Living Help


Benefits Calculator


Could you be missing out on valuable financial support without realising?

£16 billion of means-tested benefits and tax credits remains unclaimed each year – that’s around 8 million households in the UK that could be entitled to benefits but are not claiming them.


Our Benefits Calculator

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