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10 Tips to Save Up – Ready, Set, Save! 

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions in January and forget all about them in March? Or do you promise you’ll start exercising, stop smoking, and eat healthier one day, only to brush it off the next? We all struggle with bad habits and not always sticking to our goals. For most, saving is no different. save up a bit at a time, and you could have over £1000 in a year – it’s time to kickstart your goals with our top 10 tips.

Slip-up jar

Here’s a little twist on the swear jar. You can still promise yourself a 50p fee for every ‘bad’ word, but why not apply the same method to something else, e.g., if you want to cut down on snacks but slip up and eat more than you wished to, just stick some money in the jar. You may automatically start saving instead of snacking once you see the results. Don’t forget to transfer your savings to a Notts and Lincs Credit Union Goal Savings account. It’s the best place to keep your money safe.

Add as you go:
You could save £1378 in a year just by adding as you go, also known as the ‘52-week’ challenge. How does it work? In week one, add £1 to your savings account. In week two, add £2; in week three, £3 and so on. You can reduce or increase the amount to suit your budget, practice budgeting and boost your financial confidence.

View, review, don’t renew

View your statements more positively by trimming that financial fat. Get rid of what you don’t need and use. For example, cancel any unnecessary payments – especially those free trials you have forgotten to opt out of or idle gym memberships. Be careful of automatic renewals – better deals or offers may be available.

Eat in and avoid splashing out

Last year in the UK, we spent £10.5 billion on takeaways. Planning your meals allows you to manage your budget better. Cut down on the takeaways; you might be surprised how much money you save.

Unused treasure

Make a conscious effort to be productive with your loose change – every penny counts, especially those 1ps and 2ps. Instead of leaving them stuffed in the sofa, drop them in a pot and watch the pennies turn to pounds over time.

Pennies for emergencies

If you have spent a large part of your savings on a new fridge, sofa, or tv and something else pops up unexpectedly, this can be very frustrating. Putting aside money for your rainy-day fund is a significant saving goal. It may be more cost-effective to DIY or pay a one-off fee to a handyperson rather than using credit when those emergencies hit.

Axe that habit

Try to limit or eliminate a habit that chips away at your budget. Identify and challenge yourself to cut it out for 30 days. You may not return to old habits once you see how much you’ve saved.

Beat price rises

Look for deals and discounts on essentials like toothpaste, toilet paper, household cleaning and personal hygiene products. It’s an excellent time to start stocking up early before we see more price increases.

ISA- is there anything nicer?

If you have an ISA, the current rates of return (3%) offered by banks aren’t generous enough to keep up with the average 10% inflation. Therefore, consider switching to an NLCU Savings account where you can get consistent competitive rates.

Time for a treat

Most of us like to splurge a little too much throughout the month on lots of ‘treats’, – but now is the time to get serious about saving so you can savour the sweet treat moment. Schedule this for just once a month around payday and you’ll be surprised how much money you have left.

Saving may feel unrewarding initially because it’s a waiting game to see the pounds piling up. However, whether you have one big goal (that perfect honeymoon or dream home) or ten saving goals, Notts and Lincs Credit Union have you covered with our online and mobile Goal Savings account – it’s easy to manage and keep track of your progress.

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