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Online / Mobile App

How do I set up/reset my password?

You can set up or reset your password using the links under the login button online or on our mobile app.  One password works for both systems!

I can’t log into my account.

We’ve found that some problems can arise from individual browser or VPN security settings, which can block login attempts.  In the first instance we usually ask that you try a different device, browser or the mobile app instead.

Our online accounts have a security feature that temporarily blocks your logins after more than 3 consecutive invalid login attempts.  If you’re struggling to get on after setting up your password either try again in 30 minutes, try another device/browser, or contact the credit union if you have any further problems.


How long does it take to process a withdrawal / online request?

Requested withdrawals are processed between 9am and 3pm every weekday.  Withdrawals made after 3pm, on weekends or bank holidays will be sent the following workday morning. If requested online, this show as “Pending” until we’ve set up your withdrawal.

All other requests including secure messages, information updates and bank account queries will be processed within 1 working day – we will email you with any updates.

Why isn’t my balance available to withdraw?

There are several instances where some/all of your savings balance isn’t available for withdrawal:

  1. We ask that you leave £1 in your Regular Savings account at all times in order to keep your account open.  As such, the available balance that you can withdraw will be £1 less than the total balance.
  2. Pledged Savings accounts build alongside your loan and remain unavailable for withdrawal until your loan has been repaid in full.
  3. Christmas Savings accounts are only available for withdrawal between 1st October and 31st January every year, otherwise these remain unavailable online. If you require access to these funds early then please send us a Secure Message and we will do our best to help.


If you are having trouble requesting a withdrawal outside of these exceptions, please contact us for help in resolving the matter.

My preferred bank details aren’t available for withdrawals.

Our online banking/mobile app only allows you to withdraw to bank details you have already registered with us, for security of our accounts.

In order to manage the accounts you can request withdrawals to, you can use our “Add bank details” and “Remove bank details” forms.  We will process your requests with 1 working day and will contact you separately if we require any more information.