Already used by a growing number of local employers, Payroll Pro is the easiest way to offer a protected savings scheme to your employees.

Monthly deductions are made directly from salary payments and transferred to a personal Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Credit Union savings account. This fantastic free service is simple to set up and operate. We’ll provide you with all the necessary resources and manage all aspects of the service.

As all savings with Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Credit Union are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so you can be sure they are completely safe.


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N&LCU Payroll Process

The benefits of Payroll Pro


Payroll Pro promotes responsible money management, contributes to your corporate social responsibility policy and increases the range of employee benefits you provide.

There is a direct link between health wellbeing and financial wellbeing that can have a serious impact on absence in the workplace. With this ethical alternative to saving, your employees can build their financial confidence and reduce financial stress.

There are absolutely no charges to your organisation, just great benefits.

  • Promotes responsible money management
  • Builds employee loyalty by developing the range of benefits on offer
  • Strengthens Corporate Social Responsibility policies
  • Benefits your local community by reducing the negative impact of high cost credit, financial exclusion and high cost lenders
  • Offers access to affordable credit


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