As a credit union, it’s our aim to make people realise the many benefits of good money and give them the confidence to tackle their finances with complete confidence.

If you’re looking to use your financial resources wisely and get a real grip on money matters, there are a number of useful tools and calculators available online. These can help quickly work out the figures you need for some of the most common of life’s money situations.


Recommended tools


To plan and manage your finances, we’d recommend using the tools from MoneyHelper, which is a free and impartial advice service provided by the government’s Money and Pensions Service.

To record your spending and see exactly how much money you have coming in and going out, use MoneyHelper’s handy Budget Planner

To find out how much a credit card will cost you, or how quickly you can pay off existing cards use the Credit Card Calculator.

For a simple, estimated figure showing you the monthly payments you’d pay on various types of mortgage, use MoneyHelper’s Mortgage Calculator.

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